DropReversi! - puzzle type game


What's DropReversi?

DropReversi is an action game including the puzzle element.
The interface and the rule to play are very simple.
Therefore, long time is not needed, and it's always easy to play.

How do I get DropReversi?

DropReversi is released for iPhone and OpenAppli(Java Mobile Profile 2.0).
So you can get DropReversi in Apple's AppStore or here.
Though you should have either iPhone or a phone equipped OpenAppli.

How to play

Move the character

Flicking leftward(rightward), you can move the character to left(right).
Move the character to shoot the bullet to wherever not here.

Shoot the bullet

Tap once, you can shoot the bullet from the character.
The bullet moves upward, and hits the piece or the edge.
If the bullet encloses pieces of different colors by the same color, the pieces are reversed and removed including the enclosures.

Pause the game

Pause the game to rest playing a moment.

Down the line

Down the line to play the game quickly.

Contact us

Please send e-mail to dropreversi(at)gamekotan.net or dropreversi(at)critbit.net.(replace "(at)" to "@")


DropReversi is powered by Cocos2d for iPhone v0.7.3. It's great framework!


cocos2d for iPhone

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